What's NO.1 Mean in Stainless Steel Plate 304NO.1

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  • Publish Time:2023-05-30
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What's NO.1 mean in stainless steel plate 304NO.1? 

NO.1 in stainless steel plate 304NO.1 means the surface of stainles steel plate, which is a classification way of stainless steel . The detailed is as follows:

NO.1 silver white, which is a rough, matte surface after hot-rolled to a specified thickness, then annealed and descaled processing.

NO.2D silver white, it is heat treatment and pickling after cold rolling, a kind of matte surface processing. 2D products are used for applications that do not have requirements on the surface of stainless steel plate.

NO.2B, strong luster. It is a final mild cold rolling with polishing rolls to get luster. It is the most common surface finish and can also be used as a first step in polishing.

BA is bright as a mirror, but is usually a bright annealed finish with a highly reflective surface. It is used for building materials, kitchen utensils.

NO.3 coarse grinding. Grind NO.2D and NO.2B stainless steel plate with 100~200# (unit) grit grinding belt, it is used for building materials, kitchen utensils.