Processing Requirements for 201 Stainless Steel Pipe as Display Rack

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  • Publish Time:2023-04-26
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Due to the low price of 201 stainless steel pipes, customers use 201 stainless steel pipes to make display racks, counters, etc. for its cost-effective, 

The surface of stainless steel display racks and counters are required bright, and the surface finish needs to be 600 mesh or 800 mesh. The surface finish of 201 stainless steel pipe is about 400 mesh, so it needs to be polished again. However, some poor-quality 201 stainless steel pipes may have problem such as sand holes and sand holes after polishing, and lower corrosion resistance. In addition, making exhibition products also requires stretch bending, bending and so on.

Therefore, the 201 stainless steel pipe used as props must be the raw material of the refining furnace to avoid problem in the process. If it is corrosive in the use environment, such as hospitals, chemical plants, etc., it is necessary to use 304 stainless steel or better, but general shopping malls can take 201 stainless steel pipes as display rack material.