The Three Main Factors Affecting the Price of 304 Stainless Steel

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  • Publish Time:2022-09-30
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Stainless Steel is widely used in home decoration, kitchenware, water heater, and other industries for its anti-rust property. Today we will take a look at the price of 304 stainless steel plates and the factors affecting the price. 

Many people may encounter unreasonable prices or meaningless quotes when purchasing stainless steel. The price of 304 stainless steel plates does not have very accurate positioning, because the place of origin, store, and quality are different. So before buying, we should first specify the thickness, specifications, etc. After determining our own needs, we can know the accurate price of stainless steel. 

1. Raw Material

The raw material of stainless steel has a key role in its price. If the price of raw materials rises, then the price of stainless steel will rise as well. So we have to keep an eye on the stainless steel market, especially regarding the LME nickel price and other metal price trends. 

2. Inventory

The supply and demand relationship is also viewed as a bellwether of the price of stainless steel. If the inventory is in short supply, the stainless steel market is very good, so inventory will remain tight; If the inventory exceeds the demand, it means that the market is normal and the price will fall. If the price of a series of stainless steel has been high, then there can be a substitute for this series. The substitute is not only low-cost, but also has superior performance, and this situation is more obvious in the futures market.

3. National Economic Policies and Corporate Monopolies

If the country attaches great importance to an industry or cracks down on an industry, then the impact on the price of stainless steel is also very large. Of course, if some companies banded together to monopolize the price of stainless steel, this will also have a great impact on the stainless steel market.