Difficulties in the Rolling Process of Stainless Steel Pipe

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  • Publish Time:2022-09-05
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Because of the thermal hardness and thermal conductivity of stainless steel pipes are low, and it is difficult to process with wire rolling technology. The processing difficulties are in the following aspects.

1. Due to the thermal hardness of the stainless steel pipe material, the degree of correction of the thread forming by the roller during the rolling process is limited, so the rolling process needs to increase the roughness of the pipe surface;

(2) The surface of the stainless steel pipe is hard, and the pressure required for rolling is higher, and its surface pressure value is 30%-100% higher than that of the carbon steel pipe of the same diameter;

(3) Although stainless steel pipes with low surface hardness are easy to roll and form threads, the threads are pierced after tightening with pipe fittings, and the threads are easily damaged during disassembly and assembly;

(4) The thermal conductivity of stainless steel pipes is low. During the rolling process, the temperature of the contact surface between the steel pipe and the roller rises sharply, and the thread surface is prone to track wear and phosphor defects.

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