Classification and Grade of Stainless Steel

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Classification and grade of stainless steel

Grading: ①National standard GB ②Industry standard YB ③Local standard ④Enterprise standard Q/CB

Classification: ①Product standard ②Packaging standard ③Method standard ④Basic standard

Standard level (in three levels): 

Y level: International advanced level 

I level: International general level 

H level: Domestic advanced level


GB1220-84 Stainless Steel Bars (Class I), GB4241-84 Stainless Steel Welded Discs (Class H)

GB4356-84 Stainless Welding Disc Garden (Class I), GB1270-80 Stainless Steel Pipe (Class I)

GB12771-91 Stainless Welded Pipe (Class Y), GB3280-84 Stainless Cold Plate (Class I)

GB4237-84 Stainless Steel Hot Plate (Class I), GB4239-91 Stainless Cold Strip (Class I)